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I Help Women & Men Overcome Loss, Grief, & Start Over without Feeling Alone

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I Empower Men & Women To Conquer, Fight and Process Grief To Live The Life That They Deserve

Why Work With A Grief Coach?

Better communication

Discover how to communicate your needs better

One on one sessions

1--on-1 series of coaching that finds the bottom line of grief

Awakened listening

A professional coach that understands grief

Exploratory sessions

Discover the triggers of warning of feelings

5 Stages Of Grief


Non-Acceptance of an event


A natural emotion that happens


Trying to come to terms with an event


The mind can tire out from an event


Getting coached on how to deal with a tragic event

Grief doesn’t have a face, gender, race, age, or any form of identity. It comes in a variation of life altering change of any forms. The loss of a relationship, losing a job/business, the most common form comes in the form of death of a loved one. The most difficult part of grief is that it is one of the most uncontrolled emotions. Identifying your support system is essential. There are typically five stages of grief, not necessarily a particular order.

The Outcomes Of Grief Coaching

Some emotions that come with loss are negative, like anger and guilt. A grief coach helps you understand, process and filter through your emotions. Then with coaching you move forward. The coach guides you to believe that someday you can let yourself be happy again. A grief coach shows you how to rebuild your life. You can move on from loss. Your future wellness depends on it. You’ll learn to take actions that help you live again. The coach’s job is to guide you toward completing the grief process. In time you’ll honor your loss and value your future.

A grief coach gives you effective tips for dealing with your loss. Your friends and family mean well but they may not know the right things to say.

It's easy to get buried in dark emotions. A grief coach keeps you from getting stuck halfway through.

Gain hope that the unbearable feelings that are hurting you now won't last forever. Grief coaching gives you strength to continue.

You deserve to recover and regain a life that includes joy. Grief comes to everyone. A grief coach knows effective ways to deal with this natural part of life.

If you don't complete the grieving process, you'll suffer mind, body and soul into the future. But the pain does not have to define you forever. A coach keeps you on a path of progress.

About Chivonne

Chivonne Noel Fleming is a first generation American. An over 30-year Georgia Native – Atlanta is home by default. She was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and lived in the beautiful Island of Bermuda for 6 years. Chivonne attended DeVry University in pursuit of her Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing. Mrs. Fleming wears many hats and sums them up in the millennial term “Omnipreneur”: Amazing Business Concepts, Owner & Consultant; Blue Boutique and Studio, Owner & Stylist; Chivonne Noel, Keynote/Guest Speaker; The Power Panel (Non-Profit Organization), Co-Founder; “Vonnie in the City”, Host & Radio Personality, and Author of her self-published memoir – “Good Grief, viewing life’s tribulations through an optimistic lens”.

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What My Clients Say

I was the classic desperate housewife. Always hungry, tired and frustrated. With Tom's help, I managed to become the strong woman I am now.
Cecile Emeke
Half of my life was spent wandering and sobbing. It was only after meeting Tom that I discovered what I truly love: dancing naked in the dark with my pets.
Keith Stanfield
I'm not the sort of person that goes for coaching, but what can I say... Tom came at the right time and the right place. Thanks man, you helped me become myself.
Griffin Freeman
Oh my... I never thought I could feel so good in a simple talking session with Tom. True, his massage skills also help me relax, but it's his mind that really great.
Myra Lucretia

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